The importance of a new roof for your commercial property is huge. It is the first line of defense against bad weather and other elements like heat and sun that can deteriorate not only the look, but also the quality, and structural integrity of your roof. Hiring Marietta Roofing Masters means getting work done by our team of skilled professionals, who will advise you on every project in order to implement the best solution for your roofing system. You can count on us to do the job right the first time! Our Marietta Ga roofers offer you both quality work and affordable prices!

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Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are one of the most common types of roofs for commercial buildings. There are a number of things you should take into consideration when choosing a flat roof. From the look, you want to achieve and the size of your flat roof, to the type of weather it’ll face and its cost. Our expert roofers will work with you to select the best flat roof material to compliment your home or business. 

We pride ourselves on our experience and professionalism, which is why we have all the additional tools and equipment you’re likely to need. Flat roofs have been popular for years for a couple of reasons, from being easily accessible to their longevity. We offer all forms of commercial and residential roofing solutions, such as EPDM rubber roofs, SBS rolls, and TPO membranes. Our specialists here at Marietta Roofing Masters will install your flat roof with a high degree of expertise and confidence.

Low Sloped Roofs

Low-sloped roofs are often found on factories, warehouses, apartment buildings, and other industrial buildings. If you want air-conditioners, solar panels, or a satellite dish on your roof, this is your best option. The low-sloped roofs have been popular for a couple of reasons, from providing a safe environment for regular maintenance and inspection to its ability to allow for sufficient water run-off.


PVC Roofs

The PVC Roof is used very often in the commercial roofing industry because of its durability, resistance to moisture, wind, and fire, strength as well as being eco-friendly and water-resistant. Whether you need a full tear-off and installation or just installation, you can count on the best Marietta GA roofers to get the job done right the first time. Most commercial roofers consider PVC to be a top contender in single-ply roofing.

TPO Roofs

If properly installed and maintained, a commercial single-ply membrane roof can last 30 years, which means you should only work with experienced professionals like Marietta Roofing Masters. The TPO roof has been very popular because of its affordable prices, easy installation, being less likely to experience mildew or algae growth, and being energy efficient, as well as eco-friendly. 


EPDM Roofs

This type of roofing system has the longest average serviceable life out of any of your options for commercial roofing. The EPDM roof offers long-lasting durability and versatility, as well as strong resistance to ultraviolet light and ozone and great flexibility in colder temperatures. If you want a functional and trusted roof for your business, then EPDM is often the way to go. Our roofing contractors have years of experience in the installation, inspection, maintenance, and repair of EPDM roofing.


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